The Origin of AGIS

Aegis Origin

Many of you will already be aware that the AEGIS is a legendary shield from Norse mythology.

When researching images to represent my company and services, I found the current power-button/shield to be very compelling, and it carries the promise we make to all our customers – to keep them online and protected.

So why the odd spelling?

Well, It’s an acronym.

Many years ago, working as a technician at a computer shop in Stoney Creek, the staff encountered a “Geek Test” in one of the computer magazines. Everyone took the test, but I was the only tech to score in the level of “Alpha Geek”.

It became a nickname of sorts since I was the senior technician.

Some years later, I was trying to come up with a good vanity license plate – something that really stated what I was all about and would not change.

My nickname! Only 8 characters were allowed, so ALPHAGEEK was too long. Mulling it over, I thought – should I go with LPHAGEEK? Or ALFAGEEK?

I went with the latter.

Once I decided to offer my services directly to the world – I had to incorporate.

In doing so, I wanted a company name with little chance of conflict with another, and where I had a good chance the domain name was available. I came up with Alfa Geek Innovative Solutions Computing. This aligned with the image I found so compelling, and the nickname with which I’d chosen to identify. Kinda like it was meant to be…

AGIS Computing – making life just a little easier, one system at a time.

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