About AGIS Computing

Protecting your business, IS our business.

For more than 30 years, the qualified experts at AGIS Computing have helped businesses across Niagara and the GTA keep their operations running efficiently with superior IT service and support.

About AGIS Computing

Our Mission

At AGIS Computing, our mission is to empower business owners with technology, streamline their operations, and ‘take the pain away’.

The majority of computer-related problems trace back to small elements which get overlooked and which fall out-of-line with the overall design.

In many cases this is due to “organic” system growth. Ad-hoc technology expansion due to immediate need within the company.

When the systems a business depends upon misbehave, it causes very real mental pain and stress for both the employer and the employees.
AGIS has a distinct history of finding these misaligned elements, correcting them – and taking away the pain.

Behind the name…

Learn the story behind why we’re called ‘AGIS’ – Read the story.

Darin Lawless

Darin Lawless A MCP

Darin is a seasoned IT professional. He has worked with clients ranging from small start-ups up to multi-national enterprises, providing IT strategy and support systems.

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